Vaccine Clinics

Here at Recycled Tails we love educating our adopters and the general public about all aspects of pet care.  We have years of experience caring for all different types of pets and love to use our wisdom to help out others.  We promote yearly vet check-ups which include routine vaccines and the very important lyme/heartworm blood test.  But we also understand that this is not always financially possible.  To that end, we want to provide some links to vaccine clinics that may help save money and, at the same time, keep your pet healthy.  We cannot stress enough how important it is to get your dog tested for lyme disease each and every year because, if it goes undiagnosed, lyme disease can kill your dog.

Vaccine protocols are constantly changing, but here is a great link to which ones are recommended and which ones are optional.  The current guidelines are to get rabies and distemper vaccines every 3 years.  There is research that says it should be at least 5 years but the current guidelines still state 3 years.

We vaccinate our adoptable pets with rabies and distemper w/lepto only.  If they come from a shelter they may have the Bordetella vaccine given to them, but we don’t offer that vaccine if they do not come from the shelter.  We do not believe in over vaccinating.  We ask all of our adopters to do their own research on vaccines prior to seeing their vet so they may make educated decisions on which vaccines their pets should receive just as they would do with their children.

Below are some great vaccine clinics you may find helpful:

VIP Pet Care
This clinic moves around to all different pet supply stores (Pet Supplies Plus, Pet Value, Tractor Supply) so you can almost always find one in your area.
*** The Tractor Supply Store at 799 State St. in Pottstown holds clinics every Sunday from 9:30-11:00am.***

Diane’s Discount Pets
This is at Dianes Discount Pets in North Coventry.  They hold them once a month.

Dr. Moyer in Birdsboro holds clinics almost every Saturday and Sunday.  We recommend calling to be sure they will be having the clinic.  We have used them in a pinch and were always satisfied.

Please take note that we are not veterinarians and are we are just providing this information for educational purposes.  We always encourage you to do your own research, take into consideration your vets recommendations and make your own decisions.